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Sakthiswara shethram, the utsavam lasts for nine days. Begining on the day of karthika nakshatram in the month of kumbam. (february-march), it ends after the kazhchasribali on the nineth day.

Illumination and modest fire-works. This is a speciality of saktheswaram shethram, unlike most of the other kerala temple.All nine days, the place wears a festive look, streets dressed up with arches, festons etc. Houses freshly thatched and painted.Every shrine and bulding is tastefully decorated with lights, plantain trunks, bunches of coconut and arecanuts.


The idol worshipped here is for 306 years. Great saint Sree Narayan Guru had fixed many idol in diffrent places of kerala. Kannadi prathishta is the greatest among them. And so kalavamkodam saktheeswaram is a temple having such a noble history.

In the ancient period, the Devi temple was under the rule of Brahmins and later it came into the hands of Ezhava. The four S.N.D.P branches neighbouring the temple combined to form sree narayana karunavilasini yogam for proper functioning and rule of temple . The right on temple was recieved from kundesseri family by this yogam and is still continuing the proper administration.

When the Devi temple fall into decay many opinion were raised to renew the temple and the people met sreenarayana guru to seek what to be done next sreenarayana guru to do the sakteswara prathishta there. The construction of temple was headed by panickaveetil padmanapha paniker'great personality of kalavamkodam'. The brotherhood (sahodara prasthanam) constitution became strong during that period. There wasconflict between atgiests and devotees.padmanabha paniker was afraid that whether the construction wor could be completed not at that time.

After complition, paniker and kuttan vaidyar (famous physicist) went to kottayam nagambadam temole to envite sreenarayana guru for idol forming cermony . Guru replied that temples are enough now and you start constructing educational institution then. Paniker made statement to commit suicide. if guru wouldn't come for idol fixing But the situation was so worge while guru arrived kalavamkodam. The brotherhood organization under the Sri:k.c. kuttan and temple trustees were preparing for an open war. sri Bodhanandaswamikal, sishya of sreenarayna guru tried to control and consolve boyh groups. Guru, who stood unreactive heared arguments and asked wthered there was any problem to fix amirror. Both group welcomed and a mirror was bought from kochi. Above the middle part of mirror, it was written " OHM SHANTHI " as guru told. But due to the carelessness of people, it was written as OM SANTHI. White guru know about it, he replied that the mistake was not a problem, it also have a meaning itself. Guru ordered to Bodhananda to fix the idol of Saktheeswara along with KANNADI PRATHISHTA. The prathishta was on 1702 - Edava masam 31, 4 a.m. The idol fixing of ganapathi and subhramanya also was done on the same day.

Later, in the memory of Sreenarayana guru, one Guru mandiram was build at northeast region of compound around temple. Temple for srikrishna and Devi Bhadrakali were also constructed outside sreekovil. Nitya pooja is stll containig here. Important poojas and festival activities are doing on the base of saktheeswara. The mirror fixed by guru is worshipped by Ambor(karpooram). Due to situational factors, guru had done the kannadi prathishta and later it became a scientifically accurate image reflecting prathishta.

The Renaissant activities of saktheeswara temple had completed. Now thousands of pilgrims are coming to this temple to recieve the grace of saktheeswara.